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  Dakota State University Timeline

Historical Calendar of Dakota State University  (1881-present)
compiled by Bonnie Olson from several timelines, calendars and college/university archival materials.

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1881                On March 5, the Territorial Legislative assembly  passed the Normal Bill, establishing a school at Madison, in Dakota Territory.  It was referred to as Dakota Normal School, Madison State Normal or State Normal but most commonly  known as Madison State Normal School.  

                            One hundred sixty acres, one mile east of Madison, were turned over to the Territory for the Normal School, but the site was considered too far away.

                             Mr. Charles B. Kennedy offered 20 acres of land on the north edge of Madison,  at the end of Egan Avenue.  This site was selected for the school.  The deed stipulated that if the land were ever used for anything but for the original intent (a teachers preparation institution) or discontinued, the site would be returned to the Kennedy estate.

            C. B. Kennedy & family 


1882                The Legislature sold the original 160 acres of land as it was considered to be too far from the village of Madison.  The proceeds were to be used for construction of first college buildings within the confines of Madison.


1883                On December 5, eleven students enrolled with Professor Charles S. Richardson as the first President (1883-1887).  He came from Waterville, Maine.  Tuition was free for students agreeing to teach in Dakota Territory for at least two years after graduation.  Book rental was $0.25 per book for the year.  Room and board in private homes was approximately $3.00 per week.  Classes were held in the public buildings.  Plans were drawn by architect Edward S. Steffens, of Minneapolis, for a wooden frame structure 50 x 70 feet.     


1884                Appropriations secured and construction began on the first college building, a 50' x 70', three story, wood-frame structure included a half-basement.  Enrollment was up to 70.  Professor E.H. Evenson, graduate of University of Wisconsin, was the second teacher hired.  $13,600 was spent for final stages of construction on the original building.  Few people were living in the state, few roads, no telephone, electricity, radios or automobiles.  Travel at that time was train or horse and buggy.


1885                November 2, the school moved into new wooden building with 107 students.  The Normal School's first graduating class had 2 students.  Model School was established for practice teaching; one of the first laboratory schools in the nation.  The Normal was the first state college for preparation of teachers in the Dakota Territory.              

                                       Dakota State Normal School second annual prize  Declamations Program - December 18, 1885.

1886-1890          choose a different time period


1886               Winter term began with 107 students.  Normal School building burned to the ground on February 4th with complete destruction, only three months after completion, with the exception of a few books belonging to President Richardson.


                          The City of Madison issued bonds for $25,000 to build a dormitory and rebuild classroom buildings.  The Legislature appropriated $35,000 to repay $25,000 in bonds bought by Madison citizens and the balance to finish the building.  Classes were held in various rooms downtown including the Court House during the building process. 

                           The classroom building was rebuilt of granite during following months and opened in September of 1886.  W.L. Dow of Sioux Falls was the architect.  Edwin G. Carter of Sioux Falls was awarded the construction contract.  Normal building was named West Wing (later called the Model School and yet later called Beadle Hall). This building was placed on the same exact site of the building that burned. Construction of Dell Rapids Granite, Milwaukee pressed brick & LaCrosse white-cut stone, 76' x 84' housed four levels including the basement.  It was finished in oak and Georgia pine. The carved staircase in the center of the building led from the first floor to the third. Used the Haxtan Heating System. The Library & Presidents Office were housed here. 

                          The Model School was set-up in the basement.  There were three grades in the Model School: Primary, Intermediate and Grammar. 

                           The Normal Department had 124 students and 8 faculty.  Every student entering Normal Department had to do a definite amount of teaching in the Model School. 

                          The Normal Department consisted of the Elementary Course which required three years of work above the 8th grade.  Advanced courses included four years of study.

                       North Harth - view of West Wing

                        The citizens of Madison finished building the West Hall (Old Dormitory) .  John Buckley was the contractor. It was built on the southwest part of campus at a cost of $8000.  It was a 36'x86' brick building, 4 stories high and accommodated 70 students.  The rate for room & board was $2.75 per week. It had a kitchen and dining hall in the basement.  Visiting in the halls was prohibited as it was one of the dormitory rules. It housed women students in the early years.


1887               William F. Gorrie was Second President (1887-1889).  He was born in Salem, New York in 1842.  He died in 1903.

                        In April, 400 trees were  planted on campus celebrating Arbor Day.  A windmill & tank were added to the campus grounds. No provision for care of the trees was made.

                         The Agassiz Association (Science Club) was organized.  This was a study & observation of natural objects.

                                  Broom Drill

1888                Enrollment of 238 students, it was very crowded in West Wing (later called Beadle Hall).  Two desks were put together to accommodate three students.  The Commercial  Department (business training) was introduced. It was housed on the third floor with large rooms and well lighted with a skylight.

                                  Class of 1888


1889               William F. Gorrie resigned and submitted his resignation. South Dakota gained statehood in February.  All state institutions are placed under Board of Regents.  General William Henry Harrison Beadle became Third President (1889-1905). 

                      The library housed 1000 volumes.  There were 191 students in the Normal Department.  And 80 students were in the Model School Department. 


1890                Tuition was $2.25 per semester (19 weeks).    Room & Board was $5.00. Entering students were supposed to be 16 yrs. old – although some entered at 14.  They were required to pass a rigid entrance exam. Students entered directly from the grammer school and took a 3-yr. course leading to a teaching certificate & a diploma – this was called the "Elementary Course".  At this time, only ladies would be allowed to live in West Hall.


1891-1895          choose a different time period


1892                In November, The Oyaka , a monthly paper  published by the college students was first published.  The name was derived from the Lakota meaning 'messenger or herald'.

                         The Students' Christian Association was organized.  Meetings were held weekly on Wednesday evenings.


                                                        1892 Commencement Program


1893                Commencement Class of 1893 gave up commencement plans for a memorial service for William E. Hammer & Gay Pye, deceased members of their class.  On the eve of commencement week they both drowned. Mr. Hammer was editor-in-chief & founder of the The Oyaka.


1895                The 1893-94 catalog stated that the three-year Elementary Course was extended to four years and the first year Elementary courses will be extended to one and half yrs. of   attendance.                                                                                         


                                  Class of 1895 invitation to Commencement Exercises January 15, 1895.

                  1895 Mid-Winter graduates                            Fourth Mid-Winter Commencement State Normal School - January 15, 1895.


1896-1900          choose a different time period


1897-1898       2,000 trees were planted on campus by townspeople - mostly ash & elm. Provisions were made for the care and watering of the trees.  The first summer school session consisting of eight weeks was introduced.

1898 Drawing Class in front of Beadle Hall


                                    1898 Graduating Class

                          Art Marsland was the mail carrier and custodian  


1898-99          Original heating plant erected at a cost of $4,000.


                     The building of  a new dormitory building had commenced at an expense of about $30,000.


                                                           Class of 1899


1900               State Normal was continuing to grow. Tuition was raised to $6.00 per semester, total cost of tuition, room & board &  book fees was now $116.90 for a 9-month period.


1901-1906          choose a different time period


1901             Ladies Hall (East Hall) was built and was ready for use in the fall.  It served as a dormitory for women including kitchen and laundry.  This building was made out of Sioux Falls Granite.  It consisted of 43 rooms for students, and a bathroom on each floor besides two parlors, a reception room and a reading room.  In the basement was the student's dining room with seating capacity of over 100.  It also housed a laboratory for the Science Department.  East Hall was heated by steam & lighted with incandescent electric lamps.

                          The East Hall Boarding Club was started.  This was a self-governing club, largely making and executing their own laws for the dormitory.

                          West Hall Dormitory was now used exclusively for male students.  President Beadle on year's sick leave to regain his health.  Professor William W. Girton selected as Acting President (1901-1902).  Legislature appropriates money for construction of East Wing (later called Kennedy Hall).

                      Program for Class Day Exercises June 11, 1901


                            1901 Commencement Program


1902                 President Beadle returns as President.  This was the first graduating class to wear cap and gowns.  The school Name changes to Madison State Normal SchoolThis was the first mid-winter (January) Commencement, having 17 graduates.

                            The Science Club was started, they met every two weeks.


1902-03             The  first Girls Basketball game, it was with Brookings College with a win.  They had two teams - the Reds and the Orangites.


1903                 Madison State Normal School Band is organized.  Electric light plant is installed north of West Wing (later Beadle Hall) . A Tennis Association was organized in the fall semester, although this was not the first time tennis was played on campus.  The 40 members were furnished with tennis outfits and had three well-equipped courts.


1904                East Wing (later called Kennedy Hall) was constructed.  Mr. Dow of Sioux Falls was the architect and the contractor was Mr. Hafsos, from Cantan. It was made of Dell Rapids Granite.  The 72x78 ft. building had 14,284 usable sq. ft. space and housed administrative offices, the library, an auditorium/elegant chapel  of which seated 600 and classrooms.  Now, West Wing (later called Beadle Hall) used primarily for Model School (training department).  The Library holdings consisted of 3000 books which were cataloged according to the Dewey Decimal System.

                 Clara Mackay Oratorical Contest

                           Cross Country Club was organized in September, by the East Hall Club,  there were 2 teams - the Reds and Yellows. 

                             The Normal Yell

1905                President Beadle retires as president but stays on as professor of history  until 1912 when he retired.

                         John W. Heston, President (1905-1920).

                         First cup trophy won on May 25-26 at Inter-Normal Meet which was an athletic and literary contest.  First year the Anemone (college yearbook) was published.

                                        Mid-Winter 1905 Commencement Program

                          At this time property, buildings & equipment valued at  $140,000.  There were four campus buildings on campus.                          

                                                       Debating Club

                Men's Baseball


                                                          Philomathean  Literary Society



Eurosophian Literary Society             Junior Rhetorical Society


1906                 The Webster Society was organized - to aide in developing the ability of it's members in debate, oratory, music and other literary exercises as well as sociability.


                                        January Graduates

1907-1910          choose a different time period


1907                Smoke-Stack (a large brick chimney) erected at $2,500.  Contract went to Wold & Johnson of Brookings.

                            1907 Commencement Invitation

                          In the fall, the Girls Glee Club was formed and the Century Club was organized.


                                                        West Hall dormitory & West Wing (Beadle Hall)  in the background


1908                A 40 ft. addition was built onto the north of the Ladies Hall Dormitory (now called East Hall).  It housed an enlarged kitchen, laundry & storage rooms.  East Wing (later called Kennedy Hall) housed the Executive Office and the elegant Chapel, not surpassed by any in the State.

                                                          Basketball Teams                                     


           Football Team                   Baseball Team


                                     Class of 1908 


1909                The abandoned West Hall (Men's Dormitory) (36' X 86') located on the southwest end of campus was torn down to build Science Hall & Gymnasium( later called the Women's Gym, then called the Performing Arts Center and now called the TCB - Technology Classroom Building). Some of the West Hall building materials were salvaged for construction of the new building.

                           In the fall, Madison State Normal Orchestra was organized.


1910                Dr. Heston's interest in Industrial education in relation to teacher education is what moved him to build the Science Hall.  Sioux Falls Granite was used in the erection of the 60x100 Science Hall & Gymnasium.(Later called Women's Gym and then Performing Art Center and presently named TCB-Technology Classroom Building).  This building was located on the southwest end of campus. The first floor housed the laboratory, classroom facilities for chemistry, physics and agriculture, and a large lecture room & 2nd floor was the  gymnasium.  Science had been introduced in the establishment of courses in chemistry and domestic science. Many social events took place in this building.


                            Tuition was at $2.00 per quarter consisting of 12 weeks.  Tuition, room and board, books and fees $135.65 for   nine month period (3 quarters).

               East Hall Girls Dorm Room


   East Hall Girls 


                            New cement walks were laid on campus.

Library in East Wing (later called Kennedy Hall)


                          The Century Club was organized in 1907.  There were two divisions "A" & "B" due to the large membership.  The Century Clubs aim  was to learn to discipline themselves in oratory and declamation.

Women's Basketball   

1911-1915          choose a different time period

1911                The Debating Club drew up a constitution and the by-                                laws for the club.



      Football Team            Webster Society         Women's Basketball


  Girls Glee Club    Orchestra


    Model School 

        Manual Training                                       Word Drill



     Normal Physical Culture Classes in the new Gymnasium

                                                        Clara Mackay Oratorical Contest

                         Some of the songs and yells that were used at this time.


1912                First year of inter-collegiate athletic competition, men on teams averaged 140 pounds.


                            Instructors and students from the 1912 Summer School Session,  The Lake Madison Chautauqua was in session at that time.  This gave the students the advantage of its instruction and entertainment as well.                                 


                          "Sylvia" was an operetta that was presented by the Music Department.


1913                Heating plant (old Power House) enlarged and fully equipped - $12,500.  This was located to the north of East and West Wings.



                                             Webster Society                   Biology Lab  




                   State Normal Basketball Teams           

   Commercial Class       



                                                           Poem  about 'Dear Old Normal'


                                      Model School

        8th Grade graduating class   

Cooking Class                   


1914                 Chapel Exercises were held at 10:30 every school day, the students were expected to attend.  Mondays chapel exercises were set aside for the Webster and the Century "A" & "B" literary societies presentations.  This proved to be very good valuable experience for the students.



                              Basketball Teams


7 &  8th grade Basketball Team at Model School



Strivers Debating Club         Girls Glee Club 


                                                                                          Exhausted Staff



             First, Second & Third Year Elementary Students


All four buildings had electric lights furnished by the central heating plant on campus.

  Madison State Normal Ad in the 1914-15 Yearbook


                         November 18, 1915,  General William H.H. Beadle  passed away in San Francisco, California. He was President of Normal School from 1889-1905.


1916-1920          choose a different time period


   Anemone Staff



                Girton Hall ad taken from 1916 Yearbook


First Year Elementary  

                             Second Year Elementary        


        Strivers' Debating Society                             




                         Athletics was popular among the students partly due to Coach Charles C. Wagner.  

           Glee Clubs      


                                                                                        Lavina Elfert, later became Lavina Hoidal, going for a ride on campus.               


 1916-1917      A 120x142 Campus Laboratory School (Model School) (later named Eastern Campus School and later yet named Beadle Campus School) was built of dark compressed brick and trimmed with light sandstone.  It was a one-story  building with a basement.  The basement was occupied by the Domestic Science and Art Departments along with the lunchroom.  It was an excellent teacher-in-training laboratory facility.

               Campus School Assembly        


                         The Athenian Literary Society met each Wednesday at the usual Chapel hour. This literary society started October 22, 1917.

  Basketball Teams 


      SW Corner of Campus  




       1917 First, Second & Third Year Intermediate Students


                             Charles B. Kennedy passed away on August 18, 1917.     Mr. Kennedy had deeded 20 acres of land on the north edge of Madison to the school in 1881.




    Basketball Teams    


                          These five officers led the Students Christian Association this year.  They met on Wednesday evenings and again on Sunday mornings when Dr. Heston led Bible Study.


  1st & 2nd year Elementary Class

                    Commercial Class 



              First, Second and Third Year Intermediate Classes


 Anemone Board


                                          'Our  School' taken from the 1918 yearbook


   Century Society    


                                 Athenian Society


  Football Team  


                         At the end of this year, the Y.W.C.A. was organized.  This Young Women's Christian Association met weekly.




   Campus School classroom

                        In this year, The Teachers' Club was organized.  This club was organized by the student teachers of the Normal Training School.  The aim of this club was to encourage scholarship and professional spirit among the teachers in training.


  Anemone Staff                                 Athenian Society



                    First & Second Year Elementary Students



                    First, Second & Third Year Intermediate


    Century Literary Society   


    Basketball started early this year because there was no Football.   

                             Girls Basketball



                    Dr. Heston died in Feb. 1920. 


        Faculty & Staff



                          Bela M. Lawrence was appointed Acting President (February - July, 1920).

                       B. M. Lawrence & Coach Wagner


                         Edgar C. Higbie, (1920-1931), a native of Wisconsin, was selected as President in 1920.  Dr. Higbie did not take office until fall of 1921.

First & Second Year Elementary


                         Tuition was $4.00 per quarter.  Total cost of nine months school approximately $215.00.


                   First, Second and Third Year Intermediate


                         Madison Community Hospital (Heston Hall) opened to the  public on August 1, 1920.  It was a 35-bed hospital.  Cost was $175,000.00 of which all but $20,000.00 subscribed by 400 citizens of Madison.

                    Women's Basketball


     Normal Lyric Club


 Commercial Class

Home Economics Department in the Training School


1921-1925          choose a different time period


1921-1922   Edgar C. Higbie, (1920-1931), took office in fall of 1921.

                         Enrollment was 76 students.  Tuition was $12.00.

                        The college officially adopted the name change to Eastern State Normal School.

                         State of South Dakota acquires house and lot to be used for dormitory purposes (overflow from East Hall).  Paid for itself by self-liquidation.  It was named Girton House after W.W. Girton, who build the house and whom began his work on campus in 1896 as secretary/treasurer and instructor and later Professor William W. Girton was selected as Acting President. (1901-1902).


                            First, Second & Third Year Intermediate




                           First &  Second Year Elementary

                           A World War I Memorial was dedicated on campus on November 11, 1921.  This boulder with the bronze plaque was set near the southwest entrance of Campus.  The names on the plaque are those of the men students from the Normal who served in WW I.     B. M. Lawrence and C. C. Wagner were instrumental in raising the funds for this memorial among faculty, students, and friends of the Normal. 


                     Commercial Department

                          The aim of the Commercial Department was to train students to become first class office assistants.


East Hall Government Officers  


                          Women's Basketball Team

                          The Model School took on the name Eastern Campus School. The Model School consists of three departments: The Kindergarten-Primary Department includes the Kindergarten and the First and Second Grades; the Intermediate, the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth grades; and the Junior High consists of the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth grade.


                 Faculty member E. L. Bolender



                    Pioneer Day (Homecoming Day) inaugurated with a parade in October, 1922.  This was the first homecoming.

Scouting   Orchestra


  Men's Basketball    Janitors

                          Kappa Sigma Iota was organized in June.  This was to promote and recognize scholastic achievement. It became one of the most active and leading campus organizations.

                           A student health service was organized with R.S. Westaby as first school doctor and also one of the hospital administrators.



 Nursing Class            Elementary Classes           Intermediate Classes


                                The athletic team was called the Warriors this year.     

Alma Mater         Campus Scenes


1923-24             Pioneer Day changed to Eastern Frontier Day. They had a free barbeque for the public, served 6,000.  The first Homecoming queen "Miss Eastern" was elected.  She was Miss Gladys Meade of Fedora.


                                                  Eastern Frontier Parade

                         Garden Theater built (stood where Lowry Hall is currently). The cost was $5000.00.  It was surrounded by a high trimmed buckthorn hedge wall,  Shade trees were moved from campus to the area. The Theater has capacity for 2,000 people.

                         Academy Department of the College eliminated; only high school graduates admitted.  College placed on four-year teacher basis - granting degrees of Bachelor of Science in Education. 

                         A men's athletic organization called the "E" Club was organized.  To become a member one must win a letter in football, basketball or track.

                         A balcony was added to the Science Hall gymnasium area to increase seating capacity but decreased the length of the playing floor.

Anemone Staff


                                    Eastern Normal Chorus           Men's Basketball



       Football Squad         Kappa Sigma Iota          Lincoln Debate Team


              Glee Clubs    


                    College was called Eastern State Teachers College but not the official title.

                    Problems in organizing the four year curriculum were finally met & the first Degree class was graduated with five students at Eastern State Teachers College.

                             The Student Council of Eastern was organized.

             Music Contest State Winners

                        The first Music Contest in the state was held May 1 & 2nd, 1924 at Eastern State Teacher College.


1924-1925          Eastern Frontier Day changed to Eastern Day.

                         Girton House was home of the nurses during the three year of their study courses at the Madison Hospital

                          WAA (Women’s Athletic Association) organization officially  started.  Some of the sports included were hockey, hiking, tumbling, dancing, volleyball, baseball, basketball, tennis and track.

                          The Rural Club was started this year.  The campus training school was reorganized into a Rural Department to train teachers for work in rural communities.                                                 

                          Campus School Junior High School Class moved from it's old habitat in West Wing to the Training School.

                         The Journalism Class published weekly the school newspaper, called The Eastern.


Football Squad    Cheerleaders



Dramatics Class                        "Elijah"                  Men's Basketball



Anemone Staff                 Kappa Phi Sigma           Monogram Club


                          Student Senate

                         Y.M.C.A started in this year on campus. YMCA stood for    Young Men's Christian Association.   While the Y.W.C.A. has been active for many years, this year two spacious rooms on second floor of East Hall were set aside for this organization.


1926-1930          choose a different time period


1925-1926                        Field Day


1926-1927        Besides the Campus School and Washington Grade School (K-6th Grade City Public School) being used for practice teaching or demonstration purposes, a rural school six miles southeast of Madison was used for training of rural school teachers. This was the  Mabel Carney School - District School #11.

                             Tennis Courts


                   Eastern Alumni Organization started. Enrollment was 380 and Tuition was $50.00.




                          The Madison Chapter of the A.A.U.W. started in May .



Kappa Sigma Iota           Student Council           Forensics


                          The School was the first in the State to have a definite Intra-Mural Athletic program for men - it was organized in this year.


       Chorus                      Pep Band                    "E" Club                     


                         The Football Field was developed on campus rather than using the cities athletic field.  


1927                The colleges Name officially changed to Eastern State Teachers College

                          The first football game  was played on the campus athletic field.  First Awards Day was started - this was formerly called Field Day.


       W.A.A.                  Men's Basketball Team           Rural Club


                         In October, Karl E. Mundt organized the Eastern News Service with 70 students participating.  96 hometown newspapers were on the mailing list with articles about the Eastern students.

                         The Dauber's Club started. This was a club for those interested in art.

                          The "E" Club, men's athletic association,  revised their Constitution and it was permanently established.



Anemone Council 

                                                                           Men's Basketball

                 Intra-Mural Sports Teams



  Women's Glee Club              Kappa Sigma Iota


                     The Le Cercle Francais Club was organized through the efforts of Mrs. Mary Mundt. This club was to promote interest in the French language.

                           Official name for college teams was Trojans.

                     Kindergarten-Primary Club (First-Second Grade) was organized.  It was also called the "K.P. Club".  This club was composed of persons who were planning to teach.


               A Pageant in the Garden Theater



                     A chapter of the Phi Sigma Pi was established at Eastern.      This was an honorary undergraduate educational fraternity.



         Band                       Kappa Sigma Iota          Debate Club



       Some Faculty                                               The Eastern Staff



   Student Council             "E" Club                     Football Squad


        Glee Clubs    



                    In this year, the College yearbook was named the Trojans.


                         The Henkin residence at 304 NE 4th St. was rented to house the male students & became known as "Trojan Hermitage".   A new all-electric radio was installed in the house.  This was a product of Professor Pease's radio class.


                                     Tumbling Team           

                          A new Science Club was organized.  The purpose of this club was the furtherance of science and mathematics at Eastern. 

                          'Skip 'Day' was started this year.  All students had a day of vacation.


1929-1930                          Homecoming Contest


                        1929-30 Football Game

Football Squad  Basketball Team


                          Production started on a documentary film (movie) of early history of South Dakota and personal life of General Beadle in South Dakota, titled "Dacotah".  It was the first all college picture of its kind ever filmed in the United States at that time.  Mr. L. N. Pease chosen to portray General Beadle.  (Scenario written by Barrett Lowe who was originator of idea of making picture as well as script-writer and general supervisor).  The film was ready for the first showing on Eastern Day, October 19, 1929. It had been shown in colleges all over the country.




                         Girton House was used as men's dormitory.  Tuition was $16.67 per quarter. Total cost of nine months school approximately $280.00 - Enrollment 418.


              East Hall Prom was hosted by the girls from East Hall and the Girton House girls.

The annual Prom was hosted by  W.A.A. & "E" Club.


Student Council  Trojan Staff


                        The "Trojan Hermitage" moved to the Stockberger residence at 705 N. Egan.


                         In February, Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, National Honorary Speech Fraternity was installed on the Eastern campus.

                         The Newman  Club, a catholic organization, was organized on the campus in December 11, 1929.  The Wesley Club, a Methodist organization,  was formed some years before but has been reorganized and became active. The Lutheran Students' Association was organized in February of 1930.  The College Club was students who were members of the Grace Episcopal Church. The Presbyterian Group consisted of Dr. Higbie's Sunday School class and the Young People's Society.  The Baptist Church organization members were of the English and German Baptist Churches.


1931-1935          choose a different time period

1930-1931   Fall Enrollment - 250.

                         E.A. Bixler, Acting President (April 1931-1933) .  He had been with Eastern  since 1919.



                Arts Club                                        Dramatics Club


                         Eastern State Normal School dropped back to two-year college.

              Student Council

                             Kindergarten-Primary Club

                         Reinforced inner structure of roof of East Hall Dormitory (Ladies Hall).


Sigma Tau Delta

                 Delta Psi Omega

                        Sigma Tau Delta was an honorary English Fraternity whereas Delta Psi Omega was an honorary dramatics fraternity.




                Coach J. E. Curtis  

                                     Coach Curtis's third year here was most successful at Eastern.  He took a leave for study and John Burns managed the team in his absence.                     

                                                                                                         Assistant Coach John Burns





                         Industrial Education Association was recently formed on campus.  It's members promoted industrial education and met in the Mechanical Drawing Room.

     Men's Basketball     


1932                Lost 4-year status in state referendum       

                           Football Team


1933                Dr. Vayne  Arnold "V. A." Lowry, became President (March 1933-62).  He had been currently serving as Dean of men.


                          The Beadle Club was founded.


1934                Trojan Field was leveled, planted to grass in spring of 1934.  It was north of  East Hall & East Wing (Kennedy Hall).

                                        Debate Team

1935                Roadway from southwest corner of campus eliminated, spaded and seeded to lawn, sidewalk added. 

                         The Library had grown to 15,000 volumes and occupied half of the basement and half of the first floor of East Wing (Kennedy Hall).

                         New roof was put on West Wing (Beadle Hall)

                          A health service office was setup in a room located on second floor of East Wing (Kennedy Hall).  A student lounge was in the adjoining room.


            Eastern High School Football & Basketball Teams


1936-1940          choose a different time period


1936                Girton House was made into a home for the President of the College. Plumbing & Heating system overhauled, roof re-shingled and new floors were laid, the Lowry's moved in and were the houses longest tenants.

                          Gertrude Gill wrote a book used in the classroom How to Teach Poetry.      


  Campus School Faculty                  Campus School Seniors


                                 1936 Trojan Football Squad



1937                 A  Statue  of  General William Henry Harrison Beadle was erected on the southwestern corner of Campus - the memorial contributions came from alumni, faculty and friends.


 Campus School first track team        Eastern Campus School Pep Club


                          1937 Football Team


1937-1938      Beadle Centennial Celebration sponsored by the S.D. Education Association in honor of the 100th anniversary of the General’s birth. 

1938 Eastern Campus School Freshman Class


                          The Eastern Press Club was officially selected as the name of the new society recently formed.  This was formed from interested students in Journalism and creative writing.  They met twice a month.


                         132 Students Graduated from Eastern.


1938-1939      Eastern State Normal School 4-year program approved but not funded.

                         Room & Board at East Hall ranged in cost from $57.00-$60.00 per quarter.

                         The Library had grown to 20,000 volumes.


1939                153 Students graduated.


1940                Tuition $33.00 per quarter. The total cost for nine-months school term was still about $280.00. 

                           In October, a homecoming parade was held on Eastern Day - this was the first time since 1927 that they held a parade.

                           The first Parents Day’s was held at Eastern.


                           206 Students Graduated.

1941-1945          choose a different time period


1941                 A memorial (Sun Dial)  for Claude E. Tyrrell (Eastern Superintendent of Buildings from 1905-1940) from alumni, students, faculty.  Mr. Tyrrell suffered a fatal accident while on duty in November. The Sun Dial is located on the south side entrance to Beadle Hall.  


                           Football Team


                           A new service was offered to the community by the speech department at Eastern.  It was a  Speakers Bureau.   It was designed to give students practical experience in appearing before audiences.


Student Senate  Forensics


                          Some requirements for the W.A.A. (Women’s Athletic Association) to earn a jacket were as follows: to have 15 hours of practice in softball, volleyball, and soccer with a test to follow.  They also must participate on 4 teams and play 4 games.  They had to have at least a C average and must hold on office in a campus organization. 

Winter Prom  Chorus Group


1942                 Changed steam system from high pressure to low pressure.

                           Bought electricity from City of Madison from then on, eliminated the D.C. generator, added a stoker on one boiler and added a new boiler.      

                           There were no Homecoming festivities this year due to the war.              

                           Athletics from 1942-45 were solely females as the males were off to war.


                            Spring Formal - Ladies in front of East Hall


1944                 In September, a third year was added to the curriculum and there were hopes of reinstating the four-year program for the returning G.I.’s.

1945                  Women football players


1946-1950          choose a different time period


1946                 Eastern State Normal School returned to four-year degree program.  Homecoming was re-instated.

               Football Team

                                             Men's Basketball Team

                          Men's basketball  was re-instated and a new coach was hired.


1947-1948     Name changed to General Beadle State Teachers College in honor of its third President


Football  Homecoming


                          A new heating system was put in the Girton House and the house was re-decorated.  The additional lot next to the house and a garage were purchased.



Kappa Sigma Iota     Play "Night in January"        Eastern Staff


                          Eastern Day changed name to Homecoming.


      A.C.E.                     Alpha Phi Sigma                  Choir



                              Veterans Club was reorganized, they met once a month.         



      Basketball                  Track                 Women's Athletic Association



         Band                     Student Senate            Shutter Bugs



         Aerial View of Campus in 1948                    Homecoming



                              The Bookstore was located in the basement of East Wing (Kennedy Hall).




The play "Claudia"                                            Men's Varsity Club


Classroom     Shutter Bugs



                  Some Faculty  




Beta Phi Chi       

                                                                  1949-50 Football Team


  Homecoming Activities              Beadle Hall



      Trojan Staff                   Eastern Staff                    Classes



  Association for Childhood Education              Dramatics



    Kappa Sigma Iota       Student Senate


  W.A.A.    Men's Basketball Team


                     Tuition $28.00 per quarter with a total for the year at about $535.00.  Model School changed name to Beadle Campus School.


  Campus School  (Beadle High School).



Beadle High School Homecoming Royalty.              


             The Beadle Campus School newspaper was called Eastern Breezes.        



1951-1955          choose a different time period


1952                 West Wing (Beadle Hall) renovation now a modern fire-resistant structure - $150,000. General contractor was the S. F. Construction Co.



             1953 Homecoming Musical



U.S. Senator Karl Mundt delivers address at Homecoming Buffet Dinner


1953-1954 Association for Childhood Education



  Some faculty & staff 


   Sweetheart Ball                   Cheerleading  



Football Team                   W.A.A.                  Men's Basketball Team



Chorus   Varsity Club


                       Snack Bar added in basement of East Hall in Tower Room-accommodated 40 people.


1954-55            Deagan Celesta Chimes donated by George G. Smith in memory of his South Dakota pioneer parents (cost $7,600.).


                          Homecoming                              Football Team


  "The Fortune Teller" opera


                    Since the original plan of connecting East and West Wings with a large administration building had never been carried out, the buildings would never serve as Wings; so it was decided to rename Kennedy Hall. In  March of 1955, East Wing was renamed Kennedy Hall in honor C. B. Kennedy, the donor of the original twenty-20 acre college site. It housed administrative offices, library, auditorium, bookstore, student lounge, music and speech classrooms.  "Kennedy Hall" sign was donated as a memorial to Mr. Ernie MacDonald who served as East Hall steward for many years.


Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities


                                                                      Pep Band


     W.A.A.  Kappa Sigma Iota


  Men's Basketball     Beta Phi Chi


Student Senate       Trojan Staff  


                    The 1955 graduating class was the 70th class to have graduated from the college, as the first class was that of 1885.






                          Homecoming renamed "Tutor Day".



Sadie Hawkins  Sno Ball Dance


        Association for Childhood Education      


                              A group of college students from GBSTC participated this year in the TV Degree College Quiz Program.


Beta Phi Chi   Student Senate


      Basketball    Football 


                          Women's Recreation Association or more commonly called W.R.A. was an active organization.    They were in charge of the Sweetheart Ball and the annual W.R.A. basketball tournament.     

1956-1960          choose a different time period


1956-57               Kennedy Hall two story addition was built onto the north of present building - it housed an addition to the library and physical science laboratory rooms, at a cost of  $108,000.



                                                                  Sock Dance after registration

     Snack Bar located in the basement of East Hall




Sadie Hawkins Classroom


       Chorus Groups    



Aerial View of campus                            Men's Basketball


                           In 1957, 24.81 acres of additional land purchased for expansion of college, three blocks north of present campus.

 Student Senate     Pep Band


                           The 1957 Trojan yearbook was dedicated to Miss Lois M. Drake in appreciation of such dedicated service the last 33 years.  She taught English and journalism.  This year she was advisor to the Trojan Staff. 


1957-1958                                      Tutor Day



   Sweetheart Ball  


Christian Union    Cheerleaders


                        In the basement  of  Kennedy Hall was the dedication of the new student lounge.


              Sock Hop in Lounge of Kennedy Hall


                                                      Women's Recreation Association


  1958 Men's Basketball Team


     Commencement  1958   


                      President, Dr. V.A. Lowry commended for 25 years of service as President of General Beadle State Teachers College

                      "General Beadle State Teachers College" sign erected in memorial to Lawrence N. Pease (faculty 1919-1952).  Donated by friends, faculty and students. 

                         Property, buildings, and equipment was valued by the State of SD to be $2,781,800.  (Land - $110,800, Buildings - $2,405,000, Equipment - $266,000.  Based on ENR building construction index 1958.  1958  replacement value).  


                                               Homecoming Dance


Fine Arts Students in West Wing                                     Football


History Club     Delta Psi Omega



      "The Pirates"          Anyone for Checkers?        Christian Union


Student Senate  Varsity Club




Sadie Hawkins  Sweetheart Ball


Beta Phi Chi     Kappa Sigma Iota 



                          The new dormitory was completed and to have room for 70 men.  It was  named Lowry  Hall after  Dr. V. A.  Lowry

                          College drive widened and paved. 

                          Work was started on the Memorial Gym.



                                       TUTOR DAY 1959

                Homecoming Dance

Beadle High School Royalty



Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities


                       Association for Childhood Education


     Science Club



Christmas Dinner in East Hall                       Musical Comedy


                      Beta Phi Chi

Women's Recreation Association


Lutheran Student Association


                             Christian Union



      Men's Basketball         


                         The 1960 Trojan Yearbook was dedicated to Dr. Lena J. Myers for her 34 years of distinguished service. Dr. Myers taught English/Literature on campus.


1960-61           Memorial Gymnasium (Fieldhouse) (National Guard Armory) construction completed and was built in conjunction with National Guard. It was named in honor of those who lost their lives in WW II.  The dedication for this building was September 9, 1960.


   Inside the gymnasium                               Cheerleaders     



Homecoming  Football Team


                         Academic ranking for faculty was introduced.


                         Students receiving word from President V. A. Lowry that G.B.S.T.C. is accredited by the North Central Association.


Band      Chorus


                         Third floor addition added to Kennedy Hall completed - $50,000.  This provided for an enlargement of the auditorium stage, a music room and additional classroom and office space. The Library addition that was added four years prior was very useful to the students.  It held over 22,000 volumes.


Student Senate   Varsity Club

                         Tuition now $66.00 per quarter.  Total cost of nine-month school term is about $750.00.


                         East Hall dining room converted into Cafeteria-Snack Bar.


 Baseball Team       Lowry Hall


                          This is the first season that Baseball was an organized sport on the General Beadle State Teachers College campus.

Commencement   Art Displays


1961-1965          choose a different time period


                       The Lake County Historical Museum (later called Smith-Zimmermann Heritage Museum) was built on the College Campus and donated to the State of SD by George G. Smith and Miss Lillian Zimmerman - $75,000, initial donation; $16,000 additional.  This gift was in memory of their parents.   

Football Team  Cheerleaders


   Tutor Day Parade  

                        East Hall, the girls dormitory, at this time had 83 residents.  The girls were in charge of many activities - one of which was the Spring Style Show.


S.N.E.A. Spring Prom Royalty


                           A new organization started on campus this year.  The Music Educator's National Conference Student Chapter.  This was composed of students who have a major or minor in the field of music. 


  Varsity Basketball    Junior Varsity


                       The intramural basketball teams were an important part of college activities also.  Twelve teams were comprised in the program.

                              Intramural All Stars


                      One of the newest sports on campus was wrestling.  This year was the  first time wrestling was offered. 

                      The Dames Club was an organization comprised of wives of students attending the college.

                           The Old Snack Bar was renovated for a Faculty Lounge in East Hall.



                        Dr. V. A. Lowry retired after 29 years as Head of the College. Dr. Lowry then went on to be in charge of the Smith-Zimmermann Museum until 1972.


                          Dr. Laurence Samuel Flaum, President (1962-1967)

Baseball      Track


                          The tuition for resident students was $198.00 with a non-resident tuition of $366.00 per nine-month school term.


Band          Chorus

                           137 graduates began the 77th annual commencement exercises.




Registration  Student Senate


                            Football Team


                                    Tutor Day festivities


       Miss Dorney, Parade Marshall


                       After 46 years of service, the Campus School (Beadle High School) was destroyed by fire on January 19, 1963, leaving 350 students without a school.  The school had been used to prepare students with training to teach in elementary and secondary school systems.


 Kappa Sigma Iota " The Messiah"


                          The campus rented the old hospital (later purchased and named Heston Hall) to house the grade school students, using the basement, second and third floors.


 "Taming of the Shrew"


Trojan Staff     Varsity Club


  W.R.A.  Men's Basketball Team


1963-64                 The colleges name changed to General Beadle State College.

Tutor Day Royalty 


                                  Student Senate  

                   Who's Who Scholars


  Trojan Staff   Eastern Staff


   Spring Prom   Choir


  " The Mad Woman of Chaillot" 

                                                    "The Little Foxes"


  Baseball Team                     

                                                                          Track Squad       


                   Men's Basketball Team


                          A three story, brick structure was built.  It was named Zimmermann Hall.    It's dimensions were 32x263 ft. and it housed 128 women students with 2 students to a room that was 6 x 14 ft.  It had the campus cafeteria in the south corner of first floor.  The Zimmermann name was in recognition of the many contributions that the Zimmermann family made to Lake County, rural education and GBSC and the community.





  Tutor Day Activities




   Kappa Sigma Iota Band




    Men's Basketball     Baseball


                         The first Snow Week was held on campus this year. Many snow sculptures were made.


                         Karl Mundt

 Aerial View of Campus in 1965                            Speaker at Graduation


                         Edgar C. Higbie Hall built, 4 stories high, housing 152 students.  Higbie Hall was named after Edgar C. Higbie.   


1965-1970          choose a different time period


1965-1966       Enrollment - 992 students.

                           Trojan Center built. This was a student center, housing conference rooms, bookstore, office space, lounge and a Meditation Center with a peaceful atmosphere.  Dedication of Higbie Hall and the Trojan Center was held September 23, 1965.

                           East Hall started its renovation project of  classrooms,  administration building and a modern lecture auditorium. College staged its first Miss GBSC Pageant.

                            Lowry Hall now became a women's dormitory.




                              Sadie Hawkins 

Football Players and the Band


                      Madison Community Hospital, that was built in 1920, was purchased for $85,000.00 by the State of SD.  This was a three-story reinforced concrete building with brick veneer.  It was later to be named Heston Hall after John W. Heston, the President of the college from 1905-1920.   


Gamma Delta              

                                                                    Lutheran Student Association


                         The Sounding Board was formed for the purpose of letting organizational representatives voice their opinions on variety of topics involving the college and campus life.


                         Miss Genevieve Dorney passed away in November.  Miss Dorney had been the art teacher & Teachers of Fine Arts on the campus for 43 years.

                                            Miss Genevieve Dorney


Madrigal Singers   Eastern Staff


                         In February, the Union Board was established. They planned the activities and the social functions of the Trojan Center.  They sponsored many socials and games, provided the students with free movies on weekends, and also art exhibits and lectures.

 Varsity Club  Wrestling Team


                      The development of fine, dramatic arts program was becoming popular on campus.  The traditional arts & science programs were increasing at this time.        

MENC    Beadle Dames Club


  Men's Basketball 




1966-1967       Registration was held for the last time in the Women’s Gym this fall. 


                                    Tutor Day Festivities




                          Under Head Coach Ed Harter, the Trojan Basketball Team compiled the best record in the schools’ history – winning 20 games while losing only six.    

                                   Coach Ed Harter


 Student Senate Delta Psi Omega


Kappa Sigma Iota  Science Club



                                                     Cheerleader with Basketball Players


                           Dr. Harry Pitkin Bowes became President (1967-1971). 


                     Spring Prom            

Miss G.B.S.C. 1967 contestants   


Rodeo Club                

                                                                          Zimmermann Hall Officers

                   Track Team


                            213 students received diplomas at the May  Commencement.



                             Fall enrollment - 1220 students

                                Tutor Day Festivities






  Field Hockey        Cheerleaders


Union Board    Student Senate


                             The search for the 1968 Helen of Troy began in 1967 when organizations selected representative coeds.


Madrigal Singers      

                                                                                Miss GBSC

                            Sixty trees were donated and planted on campus.

                           Karl E. Mundt Library was built. At this time, the Library had 120,000 volumes.  The libraries lower level houses the  Karl E. Mundt Historical & Educational Foundation & Archives. The  manuscript collection & artifacts of Karl E. Mundt are housed here.  The mural that is located over the entrance of the Mundt Library features early Egyptian hieroglyphics that depict the history of the written word.


                            A new ‘Trojan Field’ was constructed.                   

       Men's Basketball Team      

                                                                                         Wrestling Squad


                           A new game room now is located in the lower level of the Trojan Center.  The Snack Bar upstairs was overcrowded and now was able to expand.   


                           This was the best season that the Baseball Team for GBSC had ever had.



                   Forensic Winners

Sweethearts of the Snow Royalty


                         On May 17, Dr. Harry P. Bowes was inaugurated as the 10th President of G.B.S.C.  He became the youngest college President in the nation.         

                         Beadle had graduated the largest class ever on May 29th.  This was the eighty-third annual commencement with 246 graduating.                          

                         Although, Miss C. Ruth Habeger and Miss Leota Van Ornum have recently retired  as instructors at General Beadle, the 1968 Trojan yearbook dedicated its yearbook to them for their combined total of 72 years of dedicated service in the fields of science and physical education.

                          June Emry Hall was built and was to house 156 students.  It was named in recognition of the outstanding contribution to education that Dr. Emry gave at DSC & to Madison community.  Emry Hall is a 4-story, brick residence hall built for women students.  It is a 56 ft. x 131 ft. building with rooms 11 x 15ft.  

                                                 Dr. June Emry

1968-69                The men returned to Lowry Hall dormitory as the girls had Emry Hall dormitory facilities now.


                                  Tutor Day Festivities



Football Team   Baseball


     "She Stoops to Conquer"

Varsity Cheerleaders


                          Dakota History Conference started in this year.


  Miss GBSC 1969   Band


Helen of Troy   K.S.I.



 Veterans Club                                        Wrestling           


             Men's Basketball


  Cross Country   Track


                          Karl E. Mundt Library dedication was in June, with United States President Richard Nixon and his family here for dedication.  The Library was constructed on the same location as where the  Campus School had been.

                     The colleges name changed to Dakota State College


1969-1970  Enrollment 1326.

                       In the summer, Richardson Hall was completed and ready to house 202 students.   It was 35,000 square ft. and four stories high.  The building was named after Professor Charles S. Richardson as he was the first President (1883-1887) of this campus. 


                              Miss DSC

 Homecoming Queen


Football Team   Field Hockey



                         New to the DSC campus during the year was the initiation of a class in the art of judo.


                       Sweethearts of the Snow


                         West Wing's name was changed to Beadle Hall in honor of General Beadle whom was the college's third president.


"A Far Country"  Union Board


Men's Basketball  Golf



                 Wrestling Cheerleaders                 Wrestlers


                Track                    Cross Country                    Baseball


                          May 17, 1970 was the starting date for renovation of Heston Hall



                                 Graduation with 298 graduates


                   1971-1975          choose a different time period

1970-1971         In August, Heston Hall was ready for use. The cost was $436,000.  It was modernized for approximately 2/3 the cost of a new construction.  The Sioux Falls architect Fritzel, Kroeger, Griffin & Berg designed the building.  The building was to be used for administration offices and computer data center. 


       Registration with 1163 students enrolled.



 Homecoming Fun                               Madrigal Singers


                         Old Power Plant and Smoke Stack taken down.

                         Tyrrell Physical Plant was built in tribute to Claude Tyrrell (longtime Physical Plant Director) and Preston Tyrrell (longtime faculty administrator).  This was a 12,270 sq. ft. building that housed the campus heating plant, motor pool, storage, warehouse, the Physical Plant offices, along with carpenters, plumbing and electrical shops.


Union Board  K.S.I.



       Student Senate                                 Miss DSC         


                         Dr. Allen R. Millar, Acting President (1971-1972).




     School Spirit                    Wrestling                         Volleyball


                         Beadle Hall (formerly called West Wing) received new steps.

                         A new brick ceramic kiln was built by the students. 

                         A new arbor was put in the rose garden. Miss Thelma DeForest, retiring dean of women, volunteered to care for the rose bushes.


      Track          Baseball


             Commencement of  294 graduates.




   Homecoming Queen      Trojan Knight           Cheerleaders



History Club   Union Board


                    The DSU Football Team won the 1971 Boot Hill Bowl.



Student Senate

                             Miss DSC


  International Affairs Club

                                                                           Sweethearts of the Snow royalty


                    A new Science Center was built.  It was later named the C. Ruth Habeger Science Center after C. Ruth Habeger.  The building was completed in August.  It houses the department of biological science, mathematics, medical records, physical science and part of the behavioral sciences.  It consists of 35,000 sq. ft. containing 2 large lecture rooms, a 200 seat auditorium, 10 laboratories which can be used as classrooms, 9 services areas, greenhouse, a herbarium and offices.

                    A new DSC honorary social science and business fraternity was organized.  It was called Sigma Tau Sigma.


Sigma Tau Sigma    K.S.I.   




                          A course in the Art of Karate was offered by the Physical Education Department.     


 Volleyball      Wrestling


   Baseball     Track


              Commencement Exercises honored 298 Graduates. 


                      Dr. Francis Gordon Foster , President (1972-74).



Football Team Student Senate



  Homecoming Royalty                     Cheerleaders


Union Board Chorus


                           Miss DSC


                         Dr. Gordon Foster was inaugurated in December.


Men's Basketball  Wrestling


                       Volleyball     Track


Baseball   Softball

                        258 people received degrees at commencement.


1973-1974     DSC Trojans won their first SDIC football title in the history of the college






Student Senate                         Band                        Chorus





Volleyball    Softball     


                         Snow Week Royalty




            Tennis                        Golf                              Baseball



          Track                       Wrestlers               Cross Country


                     May 11, marked the 90th Annual Commencement.


1974-1975       Enrollment was 710 students.    DSC was under the administrative control of USD at Vermillion. Dr. Richard Bowen, President (1974-1976) was president over Vermillion and Springfield campuses as well.

                         Dr. Carrol Krause was named Provost of both DSC and USD/Springfield while Dr. Clyde Brashier was named DSC Dean of Instruction.                        

                         Lowry Hall and Higbie Hall closed due to low enrollment.




  Football  Volleyball


Student Senate  Circle K Club


Stage Band  Concert Band


                    "A Flea in Her Ear"

       Kappa Sigma Iota    




Cross Country     Softball






                          The Trojan yearbook was dedicated to the memory of Karl Mundt.  Karl & Mary both taught on this campus.  Karl Mundt died on August 16, 1974.  


1975-1976      Enrollment 870.

                          HIM (Health Information Management) program started in the fall as part of the Division of Science & Mathematics and was held in the Science Center.

Homecoming   Football Team


Drama Department 'Pinocchio'


History Club   Union Board


   Student Senate  Volleyball




Women's Basketball  


Cross Country 


   Snow Week   


Wrestling Wrestling Cheerleaders




 Softball      Baseball


    Bookstore         Book Return




1976-1980          choose a different time period

1976-1977       Fall Enrollment was 922.   

                           Dr. Robert H. DeZonia, Acting President (1976-77)


                          The Science Center received an official name - C. Ruth Habeger Science Center after C. Ruth Habeger whom taught in the field of science for many years.




Football     Cheerleaders





              Snow Week Royalty                           'The Butterfly'



Volleyball   History Club


  A Ski Club was started this year.


 Women's Track     Cross Country


Baseball           Softball


1977-1978                Fall Enrollment was 902.

                         Dr. Charles Lein, 16th President (1977-1978).



Homecoming Committee                Homecoming Royalty


Football  Cheerleaders





       'Many Moons'                      Snow Week Royalty


 'The Marriage'  MENC


  Medical Records  History Club


 Business Club    Volleyball


Baseball     Wrestling


Student Council for Exceptional Children


                        212 students received their degrees at commencement


1978-1979     Fall Enrollment was 841.

                         In August, Dr. Carlton M. Opgaard, (1978-1983) became President .

                         In September, Lowry Hall was rented to Interlakes Community Action for office space.


Registration   SHED



Football Cheerleaders         Football Team              Volleyball





MENC Float    MENC



'A Touch of Marble'            The O'Brien Speaking Contest Winners


Delta Mu Delta  K.S.I.


Wrestling  Cross Country 






Softball    Baseball


                   Dr. Carlton M. Opgaard, (1978-1983) 17th President was inaugurated on May 11, 1979.  DSC had 201 Graduates.



1979-1980                 Fall Enrollment was 895.





Football Cheerleaders                  Homecoming Royalty


                         The Host Corps was started in this year as a special public relations group made up of DSC students.  They act as student hosts, give tours of the campus at college functions, and assist the admissions office during campus visitations of prospective students and their parents.



 Student Senate                 Host Corp             Medical Records Club


                         The Union Board became Students Activities Board. This organization sponsors and promotes activities for the students and community.


 Stage Band   Cross Country


                                Dr. V. A. Lowry died on January 8, 1980.


Volleyball  Tennis






Softball       Baseball


              Wrestling Team

Wrestling Cheerleaders


                          The second annual DSC English Study/Tour left May 30, 1980 for London, England.  Dr. Zeno Van Erdewyk, Professor of Education coordinated the trip.    


1980-1981        At Registration 1000 students were enrolled.

                            KDSC broadcast system on campus started. It was started as a communication center – keeping the campus informed of happenings.







                            In the fall of this year, Military Science was first incorporated at DSC.


                     Some Campus Buildings


                             The campus celebrated it's 100th Birthday.                         

Women's Basketball               


Volleyball     Wrestling


 Softball     Cheerleaders


 Student Senate Forensic Winners



                             Over 200 weavers in one hour and fifty-two minutes reached their goal.  They submitted a video documentation of this event to the Guiness Book of World Records for acceptance.





1981-1985          choose a different time period


1981-1982        Fall Enrollment was 1107.


Cheerleaders  Football Team



    Trojan Horse                             Homecoming



  Student Senate        Students Activities Board      Host Corp


                             Men and women from colleges and universities in a five state area attended the first annual Karl E. Mundt Forensic Tournament on DSC Campus on January 31, 1981. The late Senator Mundt had been a speech professor at Eastern State Normal and was the co-founder of the National Forensic League.



Kappa Sigma Iota                    Respiratory Therapy Students


Cross Country Men's Basketball 


                          The name of the Women's Basketball Team changed from Trojanettes to Lady Trojans.   

  Volleyball    Snow Week Royalty



         Presentations from the Theatre Department


  Baseball         Softball


1982 -1983          Fall Enrollment was 1151   







   Business Club           Delta Mu Delta           Host Corps         


'Dames at Sea' 'Scrooge'


              Student Radio Station members


Snow Week Royalty  SHED



Student Senate                Vet's Club               Respiratory Therapy



   Concert Band             Computer Lab             Volleyball



  Lady Trojans                     Track                         Softball


                             The DSC Speech Team hosted the Karl Mundt Invitational Events Tourney .   




1983-1984                Fall Enrollment was 1246. 


                           Homecoming Royalty 




                       The Schulmerich Quadrabell Chimes were given to Dakota State College in 1983 by Della Cassutt and Ed Marquart.  Those chimes replaced the Deagan Celesta Chimes which were installed in Kennedy Hall in 1954.  The chimes are located at the Physical Plant on campus.




                         Kennedy Hall closed as portion of east wall collapsed.

   SHED     IVCF

                            The DSC Bookstore was renovated.


                         Charles Luke, was the 18th President of Dakota State College (1983-1984).



          Students Activities Board           Kappa Sigma Iota


                          Spring Classic was a new addition to the activities at DSC.  It served as a replacement to Snow Week.


Volleyball       Softball


                          Ms. Gertrude Gill passed away in Sioux Falls.   Miss Gill  taught on campus over 30 years.

                          This was the 100th graduating class with about 300 graduates.


                  Aerial View of Campus


1984-1985      Dr. Richard J. Gowen, 19th President (1984-87).  Fall Enrollment was 977.            




  Football  Cross Country



Students Activities Board    Computer Club            Host Corp


                         The 1984 Legislature passed a bill on February 29th to the effect that DSC's new mission would be to provide instruction in computer - related areas.  The preparation of elementary and secondary teachers would also have an emphasis in computer and information processing.

   Science & Math Club  KSI


Student SDEA  Trojan Staff



Spring Classic Royalty       Volleyball              Football Cheerleaders



   Lady Trojans       


                      KDSC, the official radio station for DSC aired during noon and supper hour.  It could be heard in the Trojan Center and the cafeteria. 


Softball        Baseball




1986-1990          choose a different time period

1985-1986     Fall Enrollment was 867.

                             The Kennedy Hall building was removed as it had been stuck by lightning in August of 1983 and also needed much repair. 


Homecoming Royalty   Host Corp 


 Student Senate        Choir


    Madrigal Singers


Business Club KSI




                         DSC celebrated the 100th anniversary of Beadle HallBeadle Hall is recognized as the oldest State Building still used for its original purposes – a classroom building devoted to education.


Phi Beta Lambda        Weightlifting Club   Students of Higher Education



Some Non-Traditional Club Students       'Man of LaMancha'


                         The DSC Catalog was first available on Computer 86 Diskette.



1986-1987       Dr. Jerald A. Tunheim, 20th President (1987- 2004).

                           Fall enrollment was 940. 





Business Club  Computer Club


Student Senate      SAB



                            C. B. Kennedy Center Dedication - October 16.  It houses classrooms, 24-Hour Lab and offices.  C. B. Kennedy Center  was built on the same location that Kennedy Hall stood.


                                       Spring Classic Royalty


Track       Cross Country


                             DSC received the G. Theodore Mitau Award, this award is given to top colleges in innovative education. 




1987-1988       Fall Enrollment was 958. 

                           The Dakota Prairie Playhouse Company was incorporated.  Their was a need for a theater complex and conference center in Madison.


        Trojan Days Royalty  


Homecoming Floats


Football    Volleyball



                               Kappa Sigma Iota  



         Computer Club          Business Club        Delta Mu Delta



Students Activities Board         Student Senate   


       Pool League  Basketball


  Women's Basketball 



           Commencement                       Aerial View of Campus


1988-1989                   Fall Enrollment was 1111.





     Football Game


Math & Science Club   SHED


Business Club Student Senate


Spring Classic Weightlifting Club





                   Volleyball                    Students Activities Board


                            Name changed to Dakota State University (7-1-89).



1989-1990                  Fall Enrollment was 1224.



            Registration was held in the Karl Mundt Library





 In the fall, the artwork on the center hallway in Kennedy Center was dedicated.  This was entitled "Environmental Interface".


  Science & Math  Lab





  'The Dining Room'  Glass Door


     Spring Classic Royalty


Student Senate   IVCF


 Computer Club   Cheerleaders


  Baseball Team    Graduate


                             Zeno Van Erdewyk was coordinator and tour guide for the DSU European Tour for the 11th year.


                             In July, the building of Dakota Prairie Playhouse was complete.  The  80ft. x 80 ft. complex houses a conference center and also a theatre with seating for 700 people.


1991-1995          choose a different time period


1990-1991        Fall Enrollment was 1311. 


              rojan Day Parade 




Cheerleaders     Choir



       Basketball Game                       Spring Classic Royalty


                           DSU Track was re-surfaced, cost $79,650.


Students Activities Board   

                                      Student Senate

Host Corps

                                Inter -Varsity Christian Fellowship



            Delta Mu Delta                       Non-Traditional Club





1991-1992                  Fall Enrollment was 1465


                Homecoming Parade

1991 Homecoming Committee    


   Homecoming Royalty  




Student Senate SHED




            Math & Science Club    


  Baseball  International Club


Commencement  Host Corps


           DSU European Tour - June 1992

                  Group In London


1992-1993           Enrollment was 1504






'Hard Times  Drama Department


Cross Country  Business Club


Circle K Club   Host Corps






  The Eastern Staff   SAB


  KSI            Student Senate


                     Graduation 1993


1993-1994            Enrollment was 1563.


                    The Girton House fireplace was put back on the main floor. 





College of Business & Information Systems

               College of Education

  College of Liberal Arts

                             College of Natural Sciences


Student Senate  SAB


Intramural Council Volleyball


Cross Country   Cheerleaders




1994-1995                 Fall Enrollment was 1438.





Cheerleaders  Volleyball


KSI    Students Activities Board



Business Club         Math & Science Club     Computing Services


Lady T's       Men's Basketball


Football   Cross Country


                           This  was the 15th year that Tamagawa University in Tokyo, Japan sent a study group to DSU.  They study English and American culture instruction and are on campus and also with host families for about a month altogether. 




1996-2000          choose a different time period


1995-1996         Trojan Center and Food Service expanded and renovated.  An all new cafeteria and bookstore is now on the main level of the building. The Bookstore had been in the lower level of the building.


Homecoming Volleyball


  Student Senate    IVCF


'Antigone'    DSU Band   



        Computer Club     Health Information Management Club





Cross Country                     Softball                           Baseball


                         East Hall became handicapped accessible by the installation of an elevator and the bathrooms being remodeled.

                         The new roof on Heston Hall was completed.




        Football                                DSU Silhouettes Dance Team


. Choir  Student Senate


                Students Education Association


  PBL Business Club  KSI


Host Corps International Club


    Lady T's Basketball  


Men's Basketball



 Baseball Team              Softball Team          Track & Field


                      Lowry Hall was remodeled and rented out to a business.

                          The Soccer Club was formed.               

       Cross Country 



1997-1998       Dr. David Cook resigned and Dr. Cecelia Wittmayer took on the duties of acting Vice President for Academic Affairs.

                           YAHOO magazine recognized DSU as 12 in the nation for being “most wired”.

                         Dr. G. Donald Montgomery donated dollars to Dakota State University to construct a parking lot between Heston Hall and Presidents Home named The Marian James Montgomery Memorial Plaza. The Donald James Montgomery Memorial, and The Montgomery Lounge were also added.

                          No yearbook was printed in this year.

                          The Center of Excellence in Computer Information Systems (CECIS) became an operating entity on July 1, 1998.  The mission of the CECIS is to deliver rigorous academic and expert delivery programs that can contribute to economic growth.  The four areas targeted for excellence are academic, research, service, and partnership.


1998-1999             Homecoming



Football Team  Mascot


Bookstore  Computer Club


                         Added B.S. Degree in Electronic Commerce.

IVCF  International Club



  Adventure Team               Choir        Council for Exceptional Children  



                    Soccer                          NAIA National Indoor Track


Volleyball   Men's Basketball


                         YAHOO magazine recognized DSU as 10th in the nation for being “most wired”. 

Cross Country     Golf


                           In June, Dr. Cecelia Wittmayer was named Vice President of Academic Affairs. 

                          DSU received notification from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA) that it extended Dakota State Universities accreditation to include the Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS).             


1999-2000        Fall Enrollment - 2003 Students







                         YAHOO magazine recognized DSU as 9th in the nation for being “most wired”.   





                         College of Business and Information Systems, HIM, & Center of Excellence moved into East Hall. College of Education now in  Kennedy Center. BEI moved into Lowry Hall.


 Cross Country Lady T's



  Student Activities Board         'The Last Night of Ballyhoo'


                         Madison Community Center finished and in use by campus/community. 

                 Community Center Pool Area

                         Dakota State University received notification from the NCA that it has extended DSU's accreditation to include the Master of Science in Education in Computer Education & Technology (MSET).

                         B.S. degree in Electronic Commerce approved for distance delivery.

                         B.S. Degree in Multimedia/Web Development and minor in multimedia/web design became available on campus and at USDSU.

Men's Basketball    Volleyball


Golf              Softball


  Track         Graduation



2001-2009          choose a different time period



Football       Volleyball


                         USDSU Sioux Falls, an off-campus center for three SD public universities, DSU, USD & SDSU provides complete college degree programs and classes in Sioux Falls, has now moved to its new building in January 2001. The location is on the Southeast Technical Institute campus in north Sioux Falls. This has allowed the universities to enroll more students and to increase course offerings.



  Student Senate          Gateway Cyber Cafe        Delta Mu Delta


            Cross Country

        International Club       


                         Eight-Plex Housing built north of campus for student housing.



                         Elevator was installed in Trojan Center.  Remodeled lower level of that area.


Soccer         Track & Field


                         97 Courses offered in Distant Education, with 1263 Students.

Baseball       Softball


                         Computing Services moved in Lowry Hall in the Summer. 



2001-2002       Trojan Center/Lower Level Open House.  The area houses Student Success Center, Center for Multi-Cultural Affairs.  Also a programmed facility with a multi-purpose area for students called The Underground. This center is for students activities, such as dances and ‘Open Mic Night’.


            Homecoming Royalty              Volleyball Team 


 Baseball          Football




Cross Country  Track & Field



Student Senate                Travel Club                   IVCF


                         The DSU campus is the first state university in SD to have multiple building wireless technology. A wireless lab has been created in East Hall.


2002-2003     Fall Enrollment was 2263.

                         U.S. News & World Report released America’s Best Colleges 2003 in September, naming DSU as the fourth Top Midwestern Public Comprehensive College. Also, highlighted DSU in it’s list of Best Online Graduate Degree Programs.

Homecoming Student Senate


Football  'Fiddler on the Roof'


  Cheerleaders  Computer Club 

                         Minors in Computer Science, Computer Networking, and Computer Security at DSU & at USDSU were added.

                         A.S. Degree in Respiratory Care approved for delivery at USDSU.

                          A.S. Degree in Health Information Technology approved for distance delivery & for delivery at USDSU.


                         Renovation began on the PAC (Performing Arts Center) former Women’s Gym.



                         Four-Plex Housing built just south of the Eight-Plex Complex for student housing. 


Volleyball      KSI   


Men's Basketball


Baseball    Softball


                        PAC renovation done and the building is now named TCB – Technology Classroom Building.

                          Trojan Center added Java City beverages. 


                            Cross Country

                         The middle of campus was renovated.


2003-2004   Enrollment 2295.

                       The U.S. News & World Report released the annual America's Best Colleges in 2004, naming DSU as the Fourth Top Midwestern Public Comprehensive College.


       Homecoming                          'Taming of the Shrew'


  Football  Delta Mu Delta


'Meet Me in St. Louis' Volleyball





       Cross Country                        Men's Basketball


                          Dr. Tunheim retired January 4th, 2004.

                          Dr. Douglas D. Knowlton, 21st President (2004-Present Time).


                         U.S. National Security Agency & Department of Homeland Security selected DSU as A National Center for Excellence in Computer Security.


                         Approval obtained for the Wireless Mobile Computing Initiative for Fall 2004. 


                         A new call center was developed in the old lobby area of Lowry Hall that will focus on calls to alumni and friends as well as the organized calling of potential new students.



               Physical Plant and Smith-Zimmermann Museum


                    New campus improvements including: banners on Egan and Washington Ave and around the athletic complex; lighting, landscaping and banners in the mall area of the campus; completion of new entryways to the campus on both the east and west entries; painting and signage in the Dakota Prairie Playhouse, the development of an Information Commons approach in the library with the technology help desk centered in this IC; new sculpture at the entrance to the TCB; landscaping and other improvements to the Girton House; classroom improvements in Beadle Hall; new sound system at the Field House.


2004-2005         In the fall 2004, all full-time students that hold freshman or sophomore status were issued the tablet/notebook wireless computer device to use during the year. DSU will be the only campus in the state of SD to have such an initiative and one of the first in the United States to utilize the tablet computing system.


                              In August, U.S. News & World Report released America’s Best Colleges in 2005, naming DSU as the Second Top Midwestern Public Comprehensive College.

                            In October, Dr. Douglas Knowlton was inaugurated as the 21st President of DSU.

                         Received accreditation of the new Masters in Information Assurance and approval of a new degree in Scientific Forensic Technology.

                         A 125th celebration was held at the Trojan Center with a DSU decorated cake kicking off the upcoming anniversary of  the university.

                         DSU has been named to the top 20 Ranked Best Buys Online Computer Science Degrees by Get Educated.com.

                            April 7,  construction started on the Madison Technology Center. This unique 1.4 million dollar, 10,000 square foot project will house the data center which will provide space for new & existing companies in the information technology industry. It is located adjacent to the DSU Campus.

                            DSU has a new student organization on campus, Students in Free Enterprise or SIFE.

                          The Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)  announced that Dakota State University was awarded initial accreditation of their business school at the ACBSP Annual Conference in Washington, DC.

                         Beginning in mid July, DSU implemented a series of training programs for faculty and staff in Advanced Connections.

                           Richardson Hall and the Fieldhouse both received new roofs.  New parking space additions were added to the north lot (North of the Hospital) .   

                           The dorms have been equipped with wireless access points, so now the Tablets can be used in the dorms.  The campus is 100% wireless.

                          New Building signage was installed.   


2005-2006     Fall Enrollment was 2329. 

                          In August, DSU and Dakronics, Inc. announced a project that will place electronic scoreboards and graphic displays at the Universities sporting venues, the student center and one of Madison's main intersections, to be finished in the fall.





                             In August, the U.S. News & World Report released the annual America's Best Colleges in 2006, naming DSU as the Second Top Midwestern Public Comprehensive College.


                             A Doctor of Science in Information Systems has been     approved for DSU.  The doctorate, the first offered at DSU, is designed to prepare individuals for high-level careers in research, teaching, and corporate or government agency employment.



                             DSU was awarded the Great Service STAR award for 2006-2007. 


                                  Lady T's



                             DSU has been named to the Top 25 Ranked Best Buys Online Education Degrees by GetEducated.com.


                             DSU unveiled a commemorated Coke can at a special ceremony.                            


                           March 5, DSU marks the 125th Anniversary of its founding.


                             In March, the DSU Timeline wall display was opened to the public with a ribbon cutting ceremony.  This display is housed on the second floor of the Karl Mundt Library.


                   2006 Phi Beta Lambda Members


                             A 255 paqe book commemorating the 125 years of history of the college was published, featuring the mission change in the 1980's and the DSU Timeline.


                             In July, 2006, the Chautauqua featured workshops for  adults and youth presented by historical scholars.  These scholars also interpreted historical characters in the evenings under the big tent on the DSU campus. 


2006-2007           Fall enrollment 2439.


                             In August, a news release stated that Dakota State University is the best public comprehensive college in the Midwest according to U.S. News & World Report magazine's annual analysis of "America's Best College 2007".


                    Homecoming Royalty


    Volleyball Softball



              Phi Eta Sigma  


                             DSU chartered a new honor society.  Phi Eta Sigma is the largest honor society for first-year college and university students.  DSU has inducted 35 members into the new society.


                      Dakota State University held Spring Commencement May 12 at the DSU Fieldhouse.  DSU had 194 graduates, including 12 masters, 149 baccalaureate, and 32 associates.


2007-2008         Fall enrollment 2570.


                             In August, for the second consecutive year, Dakota State University in Madison is the best comprehensive public college in the Midwest according to U.S. News & World Report magazine's annual analysis of "America's Best Colleges 2008".


                     September 7, Dakota State University signed a new transportation agreement which will be available to DSU student athletes as they travel through the Midwest.  This will allow DSU student athletes and coaches to remain connected to campus while they are on the road.


        Homecoming Royalty   

       Homecoming 2007    



                      Men's Basketball Team                     Lady T's



Women's Track Team                    Cross Country Team

                     On May 10th, 2008 Commencement exercises were held with 216 graduates, of which 22 Masters, 154 Bachelors and 40 Associate Degrees were awarded.   Governor M. Michael Rounds was the speaker.


                             During the summer of 2008 Higbie and Richardson Halls were renovated.  A window project took place in  Beadle Hall. A new centralized mailbox room in the Trojan Center was added. There was a major renovation of the Regents conference room in the TC.  The admissions office was the change in Heston Hall.

                           In August, for the third consecutive year, Dakota State University in Madison is the best comprehensive public college in the Midwest according to U.S. News & World Report magazine's annual analysis of "America's Best Colleges 2009".


                             Fall enrollment 2780.                                              


Homecoming King & Queen                Homecoming Royalty        



 Fall enrollment 2861                    

                           The fourth consecutive year, Dakota State University in Madison is the best comprehensive public college in the Midwest according to U.S. News & World Report magazine's annual analysis of  "America's Best Colleges 2010.

                    Homecoming King & Queen

2010-2011     Fall Enrollment 3101

Dakota State University is the highest ranked public regional college in the Midwest according to U.S. News & World Report magazine’s annual analysis of “America’s Best Colleges 2011.” This is the 5th consecutive year that Dakota State has achieved the top position. Dakota State is ranked first in the Top Public Regional Colleges in the Midwest region category.

                Homecoming King & Queen   

 2011-2012     Fall Enrollment 3102     

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