General William Henry Harrison Beadle

President (1889-1905) Dakota State University Archives Box 318 Folder 17

President Beadle was born in Liberty Township, Parke County, Indiana on 1-1-1838.  His parents James Ward and Elizabeth (Bright) Beadle were farmers. James was born in Kentucky and of Scotch/English origin. At one time, James was a Sheriff of Parke County, Indiana. Elizabeth was born in Maryland.

William attended Rockville and later entered University of Michigan in 1857 specializing in civil engineering. He graduated with A. B. degree in 1861, received his M.A. in 1864, an L. L. B. in 1867, and an LL.D. 1902.

He married Ellen S. Chapman in Albion, Michigan on 5-18-1863. She was a descendant of Moses Rich, a distinguished soldier of the Revolutionary War. Ellen was a widow with two young daughters. William and Ellen had a daughter who lived in California. Ellen died in 1897.

September 5, 1861, Beadle enlisted in the militia organized in Parke County, Indiana and was mustered in the Union Army as First Lieutenant of Co. A, 31st Indiana Volunteer Infantry, the Wabash Riflemen. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of the First Michigan Sharp Shooters. He was promoted to Captain on Nov. 9, 1861. 3/13/1865 he was honored with an award of Brevet Col. & Brigadier General of Volunteer 'for gallant & meritorious service during the war'. He was discharged in 3-26-1866. He was a personal friend of President Lincoln. In the death of President Lincoln, he was honor guard accompanying others in bringing the President's remains across the country home.

After receiving his law degree at the University of Michigan, he practiced law in Evansville, Indiana, 1867, and in Boscobel, Wisconsin 1868-69.

In 1869, President Grant appointed him Surveyor General of Dakota Territory, he served until 1873, when he resigned.

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